Introduction to the applicable fields and characteristics of POF shrink film

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POF shrink film is often used in the packaging of various types of products such as food and beverages, daily chemicals, toys, stationery, craft gifts, books, audiovisual supplies, mechanical parts, electronic and electrical products, etc.It can be applied to the combined packaging of irregularly shaped items and the different needs of the packaging of oversized items. It can not only meet the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-contact, and transparent display of the product, but also preserve the visual appearance of the product. Presentation.Suitable for semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines, the packaging efficiency is high, saving time and effort.


POF shrink film characteristics:

1. For frozen food, the storage time is longer.

2. Strong flexibility and stretchability.

3. It has extremely high gloss and transparency.

4. It can adapt to the high-speed operation of the machine, has high sealing and bonding capabilities, and is suitable for process coating and machine coating.

5. Safe and non-toxic: The material used in the heat shrinkable film is non-toxic and suitable for food packaging.

6. Good flexibility: when the packaging is hit by an external force, it can play a role in protecting the packaging.

7. High shrinkage rate: the shrinkage rate of heat shrinkable film is as high as 60% or more (the crosslinked film can reach 80%), which is suitable for collective packaging of multiple items and easy to transport.And can meet the requirements of different commodities for shrinkage.

8. Strong cold resistance: even under the condition of -50 degrees Celsius, its physical properties are still stable, and it is suitable for the packaging and transportation of frozen food.

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