Perforated POF Shrink Film (75 GAUGE)

Perforated polyolefin shrink film differs from standard polyolefin shrink film in that it has a number of perforations, which are small pinhead-sized holes that allow air to pass through. These tiny holes help to release internal heat during the shrinking process and allow for a more uniform shrinkage effect.

Zhoncgheng Packaging Manufacturer produces perforated shrink film in folded rolls that can be used in conjunction with L-shape or I-shape sealers. We offer sizes such as 75GAUGE, OEM and ODM customized production.

Product Details

It can be used to package soap, aromatherapy, candles, soaps, paper, magazines, shower gels, etc. These products have a friendly odor that can pass through the package through small holes, which can attract consumers through the sense of smell, and it is more suitable to be used for displaying products.

Performance Parameters

High transparency, better display

Convey flavor, increase taste marketing

Food safe, PDA approved for direct food contact

Wide range of sizes

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