Custom Polyolefin printed shrink film:

Zhongcheng manufacturer produced printed polyolefin shrink film. It can add various colors and decorations to all kinds of product packages, Usually used in single packages, multiple packages, and 360° around the products, which can be more prominent in sales,and every display is a great opportunity for brand promotion. We produce products with high strength, good capriciousness, and high transparency, which can prevent being punctured. It can be printed directly on the package. We provide services for OEM and ODM, come to us for customized printing shrink film.

How many types of Printed POF heat shrink film are there?

Standard POF Shrink Film: A standard shrink film that is commonly used to package the exterior of products to protect the surface of the product, this shrink film has many features, high transparency, not easy to puncture, and can be used to package food, noodles, milk, supplement boxes, books, and other packaging.

POF Crosslinked Shrink Film: these films have better strength and are more durable than regular POF heat shrink films, this crosslinked film has better strength and durability.

Polyolefin High-Performance Shrink Film: This shrink film has a feature of high slip, but the disadvantage is that there are sealing marks, suitable for the packaging of semi-finished products, not suitable for sales packaging, which can be in direct contact with food and can be I used in high-speed shrink packaging machines.

POF anti-fog shrink: this POF shrink film can be used for the packaging of frozen products, this shrink film has been specially configured to prevent the formation of frost and fog on the surface, which is conducive to sales and very conducive to packaging. It can be used for packaging of vegetables and fruits.

Printed Packaging Applications:

It can be used for multi-piece package printing and packaging, brand logo, transparent pattern printing, printing logo, brand identification, pallet overwrap, e-commerce packaging, retail packaging, label replacement, etc.


What is printable film?

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How to choose printing shrink film?

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