ZhongCheng Packaging Supplier offers a wide range of printed film and printable film solutions for various packaging applications. Our printed films are designed to enhance the visual appearance of your products while providing superior protection during shipping, handling, and storage.


Our printed films are made from high-quality materials such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyester (PET), which are treated with special coatings to allow for high-quality printing. Our printable films are specially formulated to work with a variety of printing technologies, including flexographic, rotogravure, and digital printing.


1. High-quality printing: Our printed films provide excellent print quality with vibrant colors and sharp images, enhancing the visual appeal of your products.

2. Customizable designs: Our printed films can be customized with your company logo, branding elements, product information, and other design features to meet your specific needs.

3. Superior protection: Our printed films provide excellent barrier properties, protecting your products from moisture, oxygen, UV light, and other environmental factors that can damage or degrade them.

4. Versatile applications: Our printed films are suitable for a wide range of packaging applications, including food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, industrial packaging, and more.

5. Sustainability: We offer sustainable printing options using eco-friendly materials and printing methods, reducing our impact on the environment.


1. Brand recognition: Our printed films help to promote brand recognition by displaying your company's name, logo, and other branding elements.

2. Increased sales: Attractive packaging is vital for increasing sales, and our printed films help to improve the visual appeal of your products, making them more attractive to customers.

3. Improved functionality: Our printed films are specially designed to provide superior protection to your products, ensuring that they remain fresh, safe, and intact during transportation, storage, and handling.

4. Cost-effective: Our printed films are cost-effective compared to other forms of packaging and can help to reduce your overall packaging costs.


1. Food packaging: Our printed films are suitable for a wide range of food packaging applications, including meat, poultry, seafood, snacks, baked goods, and more.

2. Pharmaceutical packaging: Our printed films are ideal for pharmaceutical packaging, providing excellent barrier properties to protect drugs and medical products from contamination, moisture, and degradation.

3. Industrial packaging: Our printed films are used in industrial packaging applications, such as packaging for machinery, electronics, and other heavy-duty equipment.

4. Consumer goods packaging: Our printed films are used in the packaging of various consumer goods, such as toys, personal care products, and household items.

Printing technologies

1. Flexographic printing: Flexographic printing is a popular printing technology that uses flexible plates to transfer ink to the film. This printing method is ideal for larger print runs and can be used to print up to 10 colors.

2. Rotogravure printing: Rotogravure printing is a high-quality printing technology that uses engraved cylinders to transfer ink to the film. This printing method is ideal for high-volume print runs and can be used to print up to 12 colors.

3. Digital printing: Digital printing is a versatile printing technology that allows for variable data printing and short print runs. This printing method is ideal for on-demand printing and can be used to print full-color designs with high resolution.


At ZhongCheng Packaging Supplier, we are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly printing options using recycled materials and water-based inks. We also use advanced printing technologies that minimize waste and reduce our environmental impact.

In conclusion, our printed films and printable films provide an attractive, functional, and cost-effective solution for all of your packaging needs. Contact us today to learn more about our printing capabilities and to request a quote for your custom printed film requirements.