What is printable film?

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What is printable film?

Printable film is a type of plastic film that can be embossed. It differs significantly from other films such as POF shrink film and PE film. Printable film can be printed through various methods, such as using traditional screen printing inks, UV inkjet printing, and solvent inkjet printing. It can be printed in different styles, and the choice of film printing can be based on specific requirements and costs.


Application of PVC film

Printable PVC film is a transparent and durable film that serves as an excellent material for film applications. It is easy to process and offers good durability and transparency. Additionally, it is cost-effective and can be used to create temporary signs.


What are the characteristics of inkjet printable film?

Inkjet printable film has several characteristics, including quick drying, stain resistance, tear resistance, and acid-free properties. These are its major advantages.


Inkjet printable film provides precise and easily cleanable images without smudging. It is available in various colors, including transparent, opaque white, opaque black, as well as matte and velvet finishes, among others.