Film Printing

Our printed film and printable film products are high-quality packaging solutions designed to enhance the visual appearance of your products while providing superior protection during shipping, handling, and storage. They are highly customizable, eco-friendly, and suitable for a wide range of packaging applications including food, pharmaceuticals, industrial, and consumer goods packaging.

Product Application

Performance Parameters

MaterialPolyethylene (PE)Polypropylene (PP)Polyester (PET)
Thickness range (microns)30-20020-10012-75
Printing technologyFlexographic, Rotogravure, DigitalFlexographic, Rotogravure, DigitalFlexographic, Rotogravure, Digital
Maximum printing colorsUp to 10Up to 10Up to 12
Surface treatmentCorona, Flame, ChemicalCorona, Flame, ChemicalCorona, Flame, Chemical
Tensile strength (MPa)20-4025-4560-120
Tear resistance (N/mm)450564496445153
Heat resistance (掳C)60-8080-100120-150
Optical propertiesClarity: >90%, Gloss: >120Clarity: >90%, Gloss: >130Clarity: >95%, Gloss: >150
Barrier propertiesOxygen Transmission Rate (OTR): <10cc/m2/day, Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR): <10g/m2/dayOTR: <10cc/m2/day, MVTR: <3g/m2/day, Aroma barrier availableOTR: <1cc/m2/day, MVTR: <0.5g/m2/day, Aroma barrier available
Environmental impactRecyclable, eco-friendly options availableRecyclable, eco-friendly options availableRecyclable, eco-friendly options available