Printed Shrink Wrap Film Best Quality

We are a professional manufacturer of Printed shrink wrap film, and we can customize various prints using advanced printing technology. Our high-strength shrink film material offers moisture, dust and UV protection with an attractive appearance. Our material is durable and not easily torn, ensuring the product's packaging remains intact throughout the sales process. In addition, we offer professional solutions and technical services to our customers.
Product Details
Our printed shrink wrap film can be used mainly for food packaging, beverage bottle wrapping, and other personal care and medical products. We can also customize the film to meet your specific size requirements and provide better protection for your products.
Performance Parameters
MaterialPolyethylene (PE)Polypropylene (PP)Polyester (PET)
Thickness range (microns)30-20020-10012-75
Printing technologyFlexographic, Rotogravure, DigitalFlexographic, Rotogravure, DigitalFlexographic, Rotogravure, Digital
Maximum printing colorsUp to 10Up to 10Up to 12
Surface treatmentCorona, Flame, ChemicalCorona, Flame, ChemicalCorona, Flame, Chemical
Tensile strength (MPa)20-4025-4560-120
Tear resistance (N/mm)450564496445153
Heat resistance (掳C)60-8080-100120-150
Optical propertiesClarity: >90%, Gloss: >120Clarity: >90%, Gloss: >130Clarity: >95%, Gloss: >150
Barrier propertiesOxygen Transmission Rate (OTR):<10cc/m2/day, Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR): <10g/m2/dayOTR:<10cc/m2/day, MVTR: <3g/m2/day, Aroma barrier availableOTR:<1cc/m2/day, MVTR: <0.5g/m2/day, Aroma barrier available
Environmental impactRecyclable, eco-friendly options availableRecyclable, eco-friendly options available
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