ZDF01L High-speed Packaging Polyolefin Shrink Film

ZDF01L High speed Packaging Film is a POF heat shrinkable film produced by the double bubble process. It has the advantages of good transparency, good shrinkage, good toughness, good heat sealing, and good cold resistance.

Compared to other POF shrink wrap, this film is especially suitable for high-speed pillow packaging, with good heat sealing and electrostatic sealing performance. The packaging effect is close to the body, and the maximum packaging speed exceeds 250 packages/minute. This film is mostly used in the form of a singlewound type, but there is no strict distinction between them, and it is determined according to the actual use.

Thickness: 10um, 11um, 15um, 19um, 25um.

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  • instant noodle polyolefin shrink film

  • instant noodle polyolefin shrink film

  • bubble milk tea polyolefin shrink film

  • polyolefin shrink film

Performance Parameters

Application:High Speed Polyolefin heat Shrink Film is widely used in packaging of food, beverage, household products, and electronic products.

Advantages:Our High Speed Polyolefin Shrink Wrap is designed for high-speed packaging applications with excellent burn-through resistance, high clarity, and great seal strength. It provides optimal shrinkage control for precise product packaging, and ensures that your products are protected and preserved during transportation.

Product Description:Our High Speed Polyolefin Shrink Film is a high-quality shrink film packaging solution that is made from high-grade polyolefin materials. It is specially designed to provide outstanding performance in high-speed shrink wrapping machines, offering excellent clarity, gloss, and shrinkage control for a perfect finish every time. It is suitable for use in a wide range of packaging applications and can be custom-designed to meet your specific packaging needs.

GAUGE 厚度  10um11um15um19um
Tensile Strength (MD) 拉伸强度N/mm² D882130125120115
TensileStrength (TD)125120115110
Elongation(MD) 断裂伸长率%105105110110
TEAR 撕裂强度        
MDat 400gmgf D19229.
TDat 400gm8.09.511.514.5
MD\HotWire SealN/mm F880.750.800.951.15
TD\HotWire Seal0.800.850.981.25
COF(Film To Film)-     
Static 静摩擦  D18940.380.350.320.30
Dynamic 动摩擦 0.380.350.330.30
Haze 雾度  D10031.
Clarity 透明度  D174699.099.098.597.5
Gloss@ 45Deg 光泽度 D245788.588.087.587.5
BARRIER 阻隔性      
OxygenTransmission Rate 透氧率cc/㎡/day D39851450013200108007300
Water Vapor Transmission Rate 透水气率gm/㎡/dayF124952.447.535.527.5
Free Shrinkage 收缩率100℃%D273218251723
Shrink Tension 收缩张力100℃MpaD28381.652.451.752.55
MD\Machine Direction    TD\Transverse Direction

Note:This information represents our best judgment on the work done, but the company assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with the use of information or findings contained herein.



What is shrink in packaging?

Shrink packaging refers to a process of wrapping a product or material in POF plastic shrink film and then shrinking the film around the product using heat. This creates a tight and secure seal around the product, helping to protect it during shipping and storage.

What is shrink film in food packaging?

Shrink film is commonly used in food packaging to provide a tight and secure seal around perishable food items. The film conforms tightly to the shape of the food, providing protection against moisture, bacteria, and other contaminants. It can also help to extend the shelf life of the food by preventing spoilage or dehydration.

What shrink wrap is used in packaging?

There are several types of shrink wrap that are commonly used in packaging, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polyolefin (POF). The type of shrink wrap used will depend on factors such as the application, desired properties, and budget. Each type of shrink wrap has its own unique properties and advantages, such as clarity, strength, and resistance to punctures and tears.


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