What are the factors that affect the poor shrinkage of POF shrink film?

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Because of its many advantages, POF shrink film has good development and application in the market. However, the products produced by some manufacturers may have poor shrinkage.So what are the factors that affect the poor shrinkage of POF shrink film?


1. Temperature factor

The working principle of the shrink machine is actually relatively simple, which is the matching of speed and temperature.When the temperature is low, wrinkles will appear on the surface of the product; if the temperature is too high, the film will be scalded. Generally, the POF shrink film can be used at a temperature of about 150-180 degrees.

2. Furnace channel factors

The size of the furnace channel is not appropriate.The inappropriate size of the furnace channel is divided into two situations. One is that the furnace channel is too large, and the other is that the furnace channel is too small. The temperature of the POF shrink film will be too small, and most of the heat is difficult to concentrate together, so the shrink packaging machine needs to be raised to a very high temperature to shrink better, and if the furnace is too small, the film will stick to the inner wall of the furnace, which is easy to be burned.

3. Puncture factors

Most of the shrink films are not perforated.This situation is mainly aimed at the automatic packaging of POF shrink film.When the user's product needs to be fully packaged, some small holes must be pierced on the surface of the shrink film to facilitate the film to drain the air on the inner surface when it is heat shrinkable, and the final heat shrinkable is close to the surface of the packaged object.

4. Speed factor

The speed is not matched. Users contract different products, the furnace length is different, the furnace temperature is different, and the required conveying speed is also different. There is no standard reference for this speed. The main reason is that customers need to test it when using it.Generally speaking, after several tests, good results will basically appear.

5. Quality factors

The quality of the film is too poor, or the width of the selected film is not appropriate. The POF shrink film used in the shrink machine meets certain requirements, and the effect is definitely not good. It will either wrinkle or burst.;

POF shrink film has been widely valued by developed countries around the world, and has basically replaced PVC heat shrinkable packaging film as the mainstream of shrink packaging materials. In the production process, we must pay attention to the quality of the product and operate in accordance with reasonable guidelines to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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