Guide to POF shrink film suitable for packaging food

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It is used for packaging food, such as pizza packaging, fruit packaging, instant noodle packaging, and food packaging. Using POF shrink film for these food products is the best choice. Every shrink film is great, but in the food industry, POF shrink film is the best choice.

PE film

Is POF shrink film food grade?

PVC shrink film

Polyolefin shrink film is a highly durable shrink film that covers a wide range of industries. It has replaced PVC in many applications and is long-lasting and durable. It is also an FDA-approved food-safe material and can be used in direct contact with food, so it is safe to use.

Why is polyolefin (POF) the best shrink film for food packaging?


There are a variety of shrink films on the market that perform the same function. Previously, the most used shrink film was PVC shrink film. PVC shrink packaging formulations contain collodion, a substance that is extremely harmful to people, so PVC is not suitable for food packaging, and although some PVC shrink film formulations have received FDA and KOSHER approval, they have not been fully obtained. Therefore, PVC is not suitable for food applications.

There are many benefits to using POF shrink film for food packaging, not only for vegetable packaging and meat packaging for retail packaging, but also for packaging that comes into direct contact with food, and POF shrink film is the best choice for safety reasons.

There are many benefits to using POF shrink film for food packaging:

Harmless: POF shrink film is harmless compared to PVC shrink film, which contains collodion, which is used in food and is harmful to humans.

Marco perforated POF shrink film: It can help reduce the formation of air pockets and create a smooth and uniform shrink surface.

High tensile strength and tear resistance: polyolefin shrink film has excellent tear resistance and better tensile strength than other shrink film formulations. In this regard, it is a better choice for packaging angled or oddly shaped food products.

High clarity: Polyolefin shrink film offers ultra-high clarity for applications that can benefit from its visual appeal. Polyolefin retains its clarity for up to one year after purchase. It can be relied upon to maintain visual impact, and people are beginning to expect food packaged in this material to have a glossy finish. In other words, it has amazing shelf appeal.

The glossy and clear properties of polyolefin shrink wrap to make it perfect for showing off fine foods. Whether you're packaging meat, vegetables, or virtually any other type of food, you can be sure it will catch the eye of discerning consumers as they peruse store shelves.

Polyolefin shrink film is recyclable: Many people don't realize that polyolefin shrink film is a highly recyclable product. Its unique molecular formulation makes it fully recyclable, and some companies will even pay you to package and recycle your used shrink wrap! This means polyolefins can provide your business with a higher return on investment and less environmental impact, and there's no need to worry about polluting the environment.

Shrinks fast and well: Thanks to the chemical formulation of polyolefin shrink film, the material shrinks quickly and evenly as it passes through the heat path. Therefore, using polyolefin shrink film on your packaging line can save you time while uniformly packaging your products, which can greatly improve efficiency.

Durability: Polyolefin shrink film is a flexible and strong material that can handle picky foods such as cookies and other items with rough edges. Whether you're packaging frozen pizza, pies, or bread, you can be sure that the products contained within are well protected. This helps establish your brand as reliable and consistent. A consistent experience means customers know what they're getting and will be happy to repeat customers.

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Diversity: Polyolefin shrink film can be used to package thousands of different types of food products. This film is suitable for virtually all types of foods, including sliced bread and baked goods, meat, fish, poultry, and almost everything in between. If you package food products, the polyolefin is likely an excellent choice for your product.

Cost-effective: Polyolefin shrink film is not only a durable and versatile material, but it's also very affordable. For example, a 13-inch, 45-size centerfold roll of polyolefin shrink film costs only $170!

Great for combining products: Unitization is the art and science of bundling products together to improve shipping and shelf appeal. For example, you'll often find items such as tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls bundled in shrink wrap. This is where polyolefin shrink wrap is widely used and helps your products stand out.

Cross-linked plastic fiber: Cross-linked polyolefins are perfect for fast-running applications. This will create extra strength without sacrificing clarity and prevent buildup on your sealing machinery.

Higher resistance to temperature fluctuations: Polyolefin shrink film offers better resistance to temperature fluctuations and temporary exposure to temperature extremes than other types of shrink film.

How to choose the right POF heat shrink film to purchase?

How to test the good and bad POF shrink film, set the test temperature, end temperature, and other test parameters, click on the start test option, and the test begins. When the temperature inside the equipment heating chamber reaches the test temperature, the specimen automatically enters the chamber, the test starts timing, and the specimen is heated to shrink and generate heat shrinkage force, when the heat shrinkage force reaches the set condition, the specimen automatically leaves the chamber, the force value generated thereafter is the cold shrinkage force. The equipment automatically records and displays the heat shrinkage force, cold shrinkage force, and shrinkage rate from the specimen into the chamber to the end of the test in real-time. After the test, the equipment displays the maximum shrinkage rate, maximum heat shrinkage force, and maximum cold shrinkage force for each group of specimens.

High-quality products have high transparency and gloss, good sealing, and good tightness of retraction will not be scattered or incomplete packaging, in addition to protection the product to play the role of not easy puncture. Therefore, we should learn more about shrink film before buying it, master the relevant judgment methods, and choose a good and responsible manufacturer that is regular and critical, the quality of the product will be guaranteed, and its after-sales service quality will also be very good.

Shrink film packaging of various commodities is very good, many of us often use this in life, but also enough to see how popular the product is in the packaging industry. 

Why is this product so popular? 

Because after the product packaging of goods is not only beautiful and elegant, to a large extent, saving the cost of packaging, but also, more importantly, can be promotional combination packaging, etc., to a certain extent to increase the economic benefits, while having a seal, dust, moisture, and theft resistance.

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