Why is POF film used for egg packaging film?

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The application of POF shrink film is very extensive. In addition to packaging agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables, POF can also be used as egg packaging film, known as "egg packaging film". Compared with traditional PVC or PE packaging films, POF has more functions. In addition to better shrinkage and transparency, it can also provide greater impact resistance. It also has anti-fog and antistatic functions, so it is also called anti-fog film and antistatic film. Today we mainly discuss the relationship between egg packaging film and POF shrink film, as well as the advantages of egg packaging film.

Using POF material for egg packaging film can make the environment better

Traditional PVC or PE packaging films are difficult to degrade and are not environmentally friendly, which can have an impact on the environment. Therefore, using POF film, also known as degradable film, can avoid any pollution to the environment and is a new type of material that is worth advocating for.

What are the advantages of egg packaging film? 

For example, many vegetable markets and agricultural product supermarkets use clean eggs and package them with POF film, which can provide better transparency and sales performance during retail, greatly improving sales. Moreover, POF egg packaging film has good shrinkage performance, can tightly wrap eggs, reduce material waste, and enhance the impact resistance of egg surface, making the strength stronger and avoiding rupture during packaging, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of egg packaging film during transportation? 

Not only in retail, but also during transportation and factory transportation, using POF as the raw material for egg packaging film can provide more protection for eggs during transportation, which cannot avoid high and low temperatures. If the weather conditions are harsh, it will damage the freshness of the eggs, thus lowering the yield rate. Using egg packaging film can maintain the temperature and humidity of the eggs and provide strong physical protection for them, ensuring that the eggs can safely reach their destination.

In summary

Using egg packaging film made of POF shrink film can not only make the appearance more transparent, but also have higher shrinkage performance. Choosing POF shrink film can also maintain the freshness of the product and is more environmentally friendly, making the environment more beautiful. Compared with PVC shrink film, POF heat shrink film is still very popular.

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