Why is the shrinkage effect of POF shrink film affected by temperature?

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During the shrinkage process of the POF shrink film, the setting of the temperature of the shrink furnace directly affects the shrinkage effect of the POF heat shrinkable film.The temperature of the shrink furnace of POF environmentally friendly shrink film is generally set between 130-180 degrees.When the product enters heat shrinkage, there is a process. It is generally heated first, then shrank, and finally after leaving the shrink furnace, there is a cooling time.In actual production operations, how should the temperature be set so that the POF shrink film can show the best shrinkage effect?It can be considered from the following aspects.


The first choice is the correct choice and temperature setting of the shrink furnace.

The setting of the temperature depends on the shrink furnace itself, so it is important to choose a shrink furnace.Shrink films of different materials can choose shrink furnaces with different functions.For POF environmentally friendly heat shrinkable film, it is best to choose a constant temperature shrink furnace with blast circulation in the furnace to avoid uneven heating of the film during shrinkage, which will affect the shrinkage effect.If the set temperature is high during the shrinkage process, the shrink film will be burned out during the product shrinkage process; if the set temperature is too low, the surface of the shrink film will wrinkle and be uneven.

Secondly, the thickness of the POF shrink film should be considered.

Generally, the optimal shrinkage temperature of POF shrink film below 0.015mm (1.5 wire) is about 150 degrees Celsius. The larger the thickness, the higher the shrinkage temperature, and the shrinkage temperature of the shrink film above 0.02mm (2 wire) is about 170 degrees Celsius.The specific size depends on the actual shrinkage.

Finally, seasonal factors must be considered.

The temperature of the heat shrinker is adjusted differently in different seasons. When the weather is cold, the shrinkage temperature should be appropriately increased, and vice versa.There are also different heating parts of shrink machines from different manufacturers, and the actual heating effect is not the same. Some may not reach the specified temperature. Pay attention when actually shrinking.

In addition to temperature, other factors that affect the shrinkage effect of plastic film.

The matching of the conveying speed and temperature of the shrink furnace is also very important, and it should be loaded horizontally when packing, and the two corners should be parallel.In the end, it exploded because the temperature was too high, and the shrinkage was not good because the temperature was too low, or it had a certain relationship with the number of vents.

The above are several reasons why the shrinkage effect of POF shrink film is affected by temperature.

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