15" Memory Wrap High Efficiency Pre-Stretch Film - Pallet of 168 Rolls

Product Description:

The 15" Memory Wrap High Efficiency Pre-Stretch Film is a versatile and reliable packaging solution designed for efficient pallet wrapping. This product comes in a pallet of 168 rolls, making it ideal for businesses with high-volume packaging needs.

The pre-stretch film is specifically engineered with memory wrap technology, which allows it to stretch and conform tightly around pallets and products. This ensures secure and stable load containment, minimizing the risk of shifting or damage during transit or storage.

With a width of 15 inches, this stretch film is suitable for wrapping medium to large-sized pallets. It provides ample coverage and protection, helping to prevent dust, moisture, and tampering. The film's high clarity also allows for easy identification of the wrapped contents.

The high-efficiency design of this pre-stretch film offers several benefits. It is pre-stretched during the manufacturing process, meaning it requires less physical effort to apply compared to traditional stretch films. This not only increases productivity but also reduces the risk of operator fatigue and potential injuries.

Moreover, the pre-stretch film has a thinner gauge compared to standard films while maintaining exceptional strength and load-holding capabilities. This results in material savings and reduced packaging costs without compromising on performance.

Additional Information:

- Film Width: 15 inches

- Memory Wrap Technology: Ensures tight and secure load containment

- Quantity: Pallet of 168 rolls

- Ideal for businesses with high-volume packaging needs

- Provides protection against dust, moisture, and tampering

- High clarity for easy identification of wrapped contents

- Pre-stretched design for increased efficiency and reduced physical effort

- Thinner gauge for material savings and cost-effectiveness

Whether you are in the manufacturing, distribution, or logistics industry, the 15" Memory Wrap High Efficiency Pre-Stretch Film offers a reliable and efficient solution for your pallet wrapping needs. Trust in its performance to safeguard your products during transportation and storage.

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