POF Shrink Film For Milk

POF (Polyolefin Heat Shrink Film) is widely used in the dairy packaging industry, providing a high quality packaging solution for liquid foods such as milk. This POF shrink film has excellent transparency and shrinkage properties, which can effectively wrap and protect dairy products and extend their freshness period. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, high temperature resistant and meets food safety standards, making it an ideal choice for dairy packaging.

Product Details

POF shrink film is suitable for the packaging of various dairy products, including fresh milk, milk powder, cheese, yogurt, and so on. It can be used for single bottle packaging or packaged in groups, and is suitable for all kinds of packaging forms, such as bottled, bagged or canned dairy products.POF shrink film can tightly wrap the packaging of dairy products to maintain the freshness and hygiene of the products, effectively preventing the intrusion of oxygen and moisture, and prolonging the shelf life of the dairy products.

Performance Parameters

1. Excellent Transparency: POF shrink film has high transparency, which can show the appearance and quality of dairy products and let consumers intuitively understand the product characteristics.


2. Excellent Shrinkage Performance: POF shrink film has good shrinkage effect after being heated, which can tightly wrap the package of dairy products and provide high-quality appearance display and package protection.


3. Food-grade material: POF shrink film is produced by food-grade material, which meets the hygienic standard of food packaging and is safe and non-toxic, so it can be safely used in dairy product packaging.


4. High-temperature resistance:  POF shrink film has good high-temperature resistance, suitable for high-temperature heating and shrinkage processing in the process of dairy packaging, to ensure stable and reliable packaging effect.


5. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable: POF shrink film is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable material, friendly to the environment, in line with the concept of sustainable development of packaging, is the green choice for modern dairy packaging.


By adopting POF shrink film as the packaging material for dairy products, it can not only effectively protect the quality and freshness of dairy products, but also enhance the product image and market competitiveness. Its superior performance parameters and reliable packaging effect make it one of the favored packaging materials in the dairy industry.

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