Biodegradable Shrink Wrap Film

Biodegradable shrink wrap film is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic shrink wrap. It is made from renewable resources and designed to degrade naturally in the environment. This type of shrink wrap film has similar properties to traditional plastic shrink wrap, including high transparency, flexibility, and strength. Available sizes include widths ranging from 10-50 inches, thicknesses from 40-80 gauge, and lengths from 100-5000 feet. Proper disposal methods should be followed to ensure its biodegradability, including exposure to sunlight, oxygen, and moisture.

MaterialBiodegradable plastic such as PLA and PBAT
PropertiesHigh transparency, flexibility, and strength
Sizes AvailableWidths: 10-50 inches
Thicknesses: 40-80 gauge
Lengths: 100-5000 feet
ApplicationsFood, beverages, cosmetics, and consumer goods packaging
DisposalRequires exposure to sunlight, oxygen, and moisture for proper biodegradation
BenefitsEnvironmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic shrink wrap

Product Details
FoodSnacks, baked goods, meat products, etc.
BeveragesBottles, cans, etc.
Cosmetics and Personal CareShampoos, lotions, soaps, etc.
Consumer GoodsToys, electronics, household items, etc.
PharmaceuticalMedications, medical devices, etc.
IndustrialMachinery parts, hardware, automotive components, etc.
Performance Parameters
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