What is shrink packaging? What are the main characteristics of shrink packaging?

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What is shrink packaging?

Shrink packaging is a packaging method in which products or packages are wrapped with shrink film, and then heated to shrink the film to tightly wrap products or packages. Shrink wrap is a promising packaging technology widely used in sales and transport packaging.

shrink packaging

Main features of shrink packaging:

1. Good protection performance, bright transparent luster, low processing cost, and light weight.

2. Shrink packaging can be closely attached to the package, and can evenly bind and fix the items, eliminating the cumbersome operation of binding materials such as packaging tape.

3. Shrink packaging can make loose items tightly bundled together and reduce the occupied space. Because the plastic film has good toughness and cushioning performance, and the contents are fully fixed, it can effectively prevent the impact and vibration on the contents, and the packaging is compact and not easy to damage.

4. Shrink packaging can be used for collective packaging of pallets, which can tightly pack items and pallets together, saving packaging costs and effectively protecting products.

5. Shrink packaging can realize mechanized packaging, which is convenient for matching with the production line. The packaging efficiency is greatly improved, and the packaging equipment is simple, the work is stable, and the versatility is good.

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