Is Polyolefin Shrink Film Recyclable?

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Polyolefin shrink film can be recycled. As of now, polyolefin shrink film is mainly used for food packaging, with nearly 100% usage rate. More and more countries and regions have started to centrally collect polyolefin for recycling. After recycling waste polyolefin shrink film, recycled polyolefin shrink film can be produced and reused in non-food packaging applications, such as in the construction, transportation, and agricultural industries.

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In the past, recycled polyolefin shrink film could only be used in non-food industries. However, with the development of new chemical recycling methods in Europe, the possibility of polyolefin recycling has increased by allowing recycled plastics to be used for food contact purposes and by enabling the recycling of mixed polyolefin waste (e.g., multilayer packaging). Therefore, in practical applications, recycled polyolefin shrink film should be used as much as possible in packaging for transportation, industry, or agriculture.

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Why is regular plastic film not suitable for recycling?

Regular plastic film is difficult to recycle because it is often not made from pure raw materials and is mixed with other substances, such as in ordinary food packaging. After recycling, this type of plastic film will cause more pollution to the environment and is difficult to recycle in a more common way, requiring specialized technology for effective recycling.


How is shrink film recycled?


You can refer to this article: Photothermal recycling of waste polyolefin plastics into liquid fuels with high selectivity under solvent-free conditions



In conclusion, while the recycling of POF shrink film is not an easy task, substantial results can be achieved by promoting joint efforts from all parties. Therefore, in the process of formulating relevant policies and measures, it is necessary to solicit a wide range of views and suggestions to better promote the recycling of POF shrink film.

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