Application and storage of POF shrink film

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POF shrink film can be used for insulation packaging of electrical appliances and electronic components (such as the outer packaging of dry batteries); packaging of general items and food contact packaging, etc. Using it as a packaging material can not only simplify the packaging process and reduce the packaging volume, but also can clearly show the color and shape of the packaged items because the shrink transparent film is tightly wrapped.


POF shrink film can also be used for the outer packaging of vegetables and fruits, fresh food, frozen food, beverages, etc., which can effectively prevent dust, pollution, theft, and loosening, visually display product effects, and improve product grades.

First of all, the POF shrink film cannot be in contact with sharp objects, because sharp objects can easily scratch these shrink films, affect our use, and cause a certain quality loss, so we need to avoid contact with these objects when using.

The second is the storage environment. Do not expose it to the sun, which will shorten its service life and accelerate aging. Instead, it needs to be placed in a cool place with good ventilation, which is very beneficial to prolong its service life.

The last point is pressing and fixing, which can make the product form a compact and space-saving whole, prevent the product from shifting during transportation, and have a good effect on protecting the product.

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