What is film in the packaging industry?

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Plastic film is commonly used in the packaging industry as a versatile packaging material for many goods and products. There are many types of plastic packaging on the market, such as POF shrink film, PVC shrink film, PE shrink film, and more. Their advantages include flexibility, light weight, and high transparency. These films are typically used to make food packaging films, cling film, sealing films, and more.

Where is film typically used?

Film is commonly used in the packaging industry, such as for food and pharmaceutical products, to protect them from contamination, oxidation, moisture, and other factors. Packaging film can also be used in industry, such as for electronic components and fasteners, to provide the same protective function. Additionally, film can be used in agriculture to protect crops.

How is film made?

There are many materials used to make film, but generally, film is made through the extrusion process, where plastic pellets are heated and melted before being extruded into a thin film using an extruder. The film is then processed using techniques such as cooling and stretching to achieve the desired thickness and size. In production, the material, thickness, and size of the film can be varied to suit different needs and applications.

Common types of packaging film include polyethylene film, polypropylene film, and polyester film. Polyethylene film is a common packaging material with high transparency, good flexibility, tear resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, and is typically used to make various types of packaging bags, sealing bags, and cling film. Polypropylene film has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good air permeability, and is usually used for food and pharmaceutical packaging. Polyester film has high strength, high transparency, and is commonly used for electronic product packaging, high-end gift packaging, and more.

What types of packaging film are there?

There are many types of packaging film, such as polyethylene film, polypropylene film, polyester film, and polyolefin film. Among these materials, polyolefin (POF) is the most suitable material for packaging food and other products, as it can be used to make different types of packaging bags, cling film, and food packaging bags. Different types of film are used in various fields, including food and pharmaceuticals, electronic products, and high-end gift packaging.

In addition to these commonly used types of film, there are also special types of film, such as oxidized polyethylene film, polyvinyl chloride film, and nylon film. These special film materials are typically used to make special-purpose packaging materials, such as high-temperature packaging, vacuum packaging, and freshness packaging.

Advantages of film packaging

The advantages of film packaging include lightweight, energy efficiency, ease of processing, and the ability to meet different packaging needs. Compared to traditional paper packaging, film packaging can better protect products, reduce packaging waste, and improve packaging efficiency while reducing costs.

In summary

Film plays a crucial role in the packaging industry, and different types of film packaging materials have different functions and uses. The business scope of these film products is becoming increasingly broad and can provide high-quality packaging solutions for many industries. However, POF shrink film is currently a widely used material in the market due to its better product performance and safety.

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