What is biodegradable films?

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Biodegradable film are a type of packaging film that offers the benefit of natural decomposition and degradation. They are environmentally friendly materials that reduce the impact on the environment. Why are they considered renewable resources? Because they are produced from natural materials such as starch, cellulose, and polylactic acid. Biodegradable films have many characteristics, and currently, they have a wide range of applications and excellent prospects for development.


The degradation principle of biodegradable films

The most significant feature of biodegradable films is their ability to be decomposed by microorganisms. If this type of waste is casually discarded into the natural environment or soil, over time, these films will be broken down by microorganisms into water, carbon dioxide, and other organic compounds. This promotes the environment and enables recyclability. Although the decomposition process is relatively slow, it effectively protects the natural environment and reduces issues related to landfill waste and pollution. Therefore, biodegradable films are highly environmentally friendly.

Applications of biodegradable films

Biodegradable films can be used in various packaging industries because they do not contain additional chemical components. They can be used for food packaging, including vegetables, fruits, and bread, among other items. These films are widely known for their high transparency and shrinkability. Biodegradable films are also applicable in soil protection, product applications, as well as medical device and disposable packaging.

However, despite the advantages of environmental friendliness and sustainable development, biodegradable films still face some challenges. Firstly, their performance and stability may be limited compared to traditional plastics. Secondly, proper handling and disposal are crucial to ensure the benefits of biodegradable films. If these films are mishandled, such as being mixed with other plastics or buried in inappropriate environments, it will affect their biodegradability.


In summary

Biodegradable films offer many benefits and perform well in terms of degradability. When considering materials for excellent biodegradable films, it is essential to study their performance, conduct life cycle assessments, and establish appropriate waste management systems. Biodegradable films can be effectively used in food packaging, medical packaging, and other applications.

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