Difference between Shrink Packaging and Vacuum Packaging

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Shrink packaging and vacuum packaging appear similar in appearance, causing confusion among many people regarding their finished appearance. However, they are actually two different types of packaging materials, and even the tactile sensation when touched feels the same, leading to misconceptions. Below, we will list their similarities and differences, and provide a detailed explanation of their distinctions.

PE film


Transparent flexible packaging: Both shrink packaging and vacuum packaging use rolls of transparent plastic film, allowing consumers to see the contents inside very intuitively.

Heat sealing: Shrink packaging attaches the packaging film to the product surface using heat blowing. Vacuum packaging also uses heat sealing to enclose the product within the packaging.

Highly similar overall appearance: Once the packaging is completed, their appearances are very similar.

Where are they different?

Despite their similarities that confuse many people's eyes, they are actually different in many aspects, such as thickness, materials used, and even the principle of shrinkage.

Thickness of materials used:

Shrink packaging and vacuum packaging have similar appearances, but they have significant differences in thickness. Vacuum packaging requires a stronger thickness to maintain its strength and prevent easy rupture.

Mechanical equipment used: 

Different tools and machinery are required for sealing. Shrink packaging uses heat blowing, while vacuum packaging uses a vacuum machine.


Vacuum packaging can remove a greater amount or almost all of the oxygen from the packaging, and deoxygenation typically extends the shelf life of products and naturally preserves them.

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