What is POF shrink film? What are the main applications of POF shrink film?

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1. What is POF shrink film?

POF shrink film, also known as BOPE shrink film (biaxially oriented polyethylene film), is a shrink film made of polyolefin biaxially stretched by double bubble method. Compared with traditional polyethylene blown film shrink film, POF shrink film has excellent mechanical properties, good transparency and uniform longitudinal and transverse shrinkage. Generally speaking, POF shrink film is divided into two categories: ordinary POF and cross-linked POF.

Ordinary POF shrink film is currently the mainstream product in the Chinese market. Most of them are three-layer co-extrusion structure, the surface layer is two layers of polypropylene, and the core layer is linear low density polyethylene. Compared with traditional PP shrink film and PVC shrink film, the film body is softer, and the tear strength, puncture resistance and low temperature resistance are also better. Therefore, it largely replaces the market of PP shrink film and PVC shrink film.

Cross-linked POF film is a further upgraded product of ordinary POF film. It is different from the PP/PE/PP co-extrusion structure of ordinary POF film. The cross-linked POF is a pure PE structure. After cross-linking, its physical properties and heat-sealing strength are greatly improved compared with ordinary POF films, and it has better adaptability to packaging machines.


2. The main application of POF shrink film

1). Cluster packaging for beverages, etc.: high shrinkage, high strength, and high shrinkage are required.

2). Packaging of toys, medicines, etc.: good optical performance is required to improve shelf appeal.

3). Packaging of books and periodicals: high transparency and small shrinkage are required to prevent curling and deformation of books and periodicals.

4). Food packaging: high gloss is required; some also need low-temperature shrinkage, so as to facilitate rapid packaging without affecting the contents.

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