Packaging Upgrade - Good Packaging Effect Depends on Good Packaging Film

2024-04-14 13:54:06 Zhejiang Zhongcheng Packing Material Co., Ltd Viewd 73

A food company encountered issues with POF film usage, such as dullness after shrinkage, rough sealing lines, and excessive corner sizes, directly impacting customer purchase desires.

On-site handling by the POF film supplier: After-sales technical engineers adjusted parameters of the packaging machine and heat shrink oven and inspected equipment-related components, but the previous issues persisted.

Subsequently, quality inspectors conducted checks on the POF film quality and found uneven thickness, impurities on the surface, and severe whitening of the film roll. The supplier recommended POF film from Zhejiang Zhongcheng Company and explained its advantages, notably its transparency and high glossiness. The customer agreed to trial production using Zhejiang Zhongcheng's film. The resulting packaged products exhibited good effects, with higher film glossiness, smoother sealing lines, and uniform shrinkage of corners.

Suggestion: If the customer's product requires high packaging effects and added value, it's advisable to opt for higher-quality POF film.

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