What is Shrink Packaging? Key Features of Shrink Packaging

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What is Shrink Packaging: Shrink packaging is a method of packaging in which products or packaging items are wrapped with shrink film and then heated to shrink-wrap tightly around the products or packaging items. Shrink packaging is a promising packaging technology widely used in both retail and transit packaging.
Key Features of Shrink Packaging:
Excellent Protective Performance: Shrink packaging provides good protection, with a bright, transparent appearance, low processing costs, and lightweight.
Tight Conformity: Shrink packaging conforms tightly to the packaged items, providing even bundling and securing items without the need for cumbersome strapping materials.
Space Saving: Shrink packaging can bundle loose items together, reducing the space they occupy. Due to the excellent toughness and cushioning properties of plastic film, combined with thorough fixation of the packaged contents, it effectively prevents impact and vibration from affecting the packaged contents, resulting in compact and damage-resistant packaging.
Suitable for Tray Packing: Shrink packaging can be used for collective packing on trays, tightly bundling items with the tray to save packaging costs and effectively protect the products.
Mechanization: Shrink packaging enables mechanized packing, facilitating integration with production lines. This greatly improves packaging efficiency, and the packaging equipment is simple, stable, and versatile.
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