Addressing Pouch Breakage Issue During POF Film Packaging Through Heat Shrink Oven

2024-04-22 09:08:42 Zhejiang Zhongcheng Packing Material Co., Ltd Viewd 45

POF film packaging often encounters the problem of pouch breakage during the passage through the heat shrink oven, significantly affecting the packaging effectiveness and quality of the products. To effectively address this issue, the following measures can be taken:

Firstly, check if there are insufficient exhaust holes. Insufficient exhaust holes may result in slow exhaust, causing excessive bag expansion and subsequent pouch rupture.

Secondly, inspect the temperature and conveyor speed of the heat shrink oven. Both high temperature and slow conveyor speed may lead to excessive tension in the POF film during the shrinking process, thereby causing pouch breakage.

Thirdly, conduct a quality inspection of the POF film. High-quality POF film exhibits better heat sealing performance, ensuring a more secure seal. Therefore, it is advisable to choose POF film of reliable quality.

In summary, by appropriately adjusting the number of exhaust holes, heat shrink oven parameters, and selecting high-quality POF film, we can effectively resolve the issue of pouch breakage during the passage of POF film packaging through the heat shrink oven, thereby enhancing the packaging quality of the products.

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