Case Study: Solving Egg Packaging Challenges with Perforated POF Shrink Film

2024-03-29 17:23:49 Zhejiang Zhongcheng Packing Material Co., Ltd Viewd 92

Client Background: Zhejiang Zhongcheng is the largest POF shrink film manufacturer in Asia. The client is an egg distributor facing challenges in their packaging process.

Challenges: Heat Seal Strength: The client was using a competitor's POF shrink film with insufficient heat seal strength, resulting in poor sealing. In the shrink tunnel, the packages would break, preventing proper gas expansion and causing uneven shrinkage, resulting in large wrinkles and corners, affecting packaging quality.

Solution: Provided Zhongcheng perforated POF shrink film, designed specifically for excellent shrinkage performance for preserving eggs.

Implementation: After testing the perforated POF shrink film, the client achieved excellent heat sealing and perfect packaging results. They incorporated the perforated film into their egg packaging production line.

Results and Benefits: Enhanced packaging quality. Special perforation treatment to keep eggs fresh. Increased customer satisfaction and strengthened collaboration.

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