The Characteristics of POF Shrink Film and its Development Trends

The characteristics of POF shrink film are as follows:

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, compliant with FDA and USDA standards, suitable for packaging food products.

Excellent welding sealing performance, high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic, and high-speed automatic packaging.

High transparency and good glossiness, allowing clear display of product appearance, enhancing visual appeal, and reflecting product grade.

Excellent cold resistance, maintaining flexibility without becoming brittle at temperatures as low as -50°C, suitable for storage and transportation of packaged goods in cold environments.

High shrinkage rate, generally above 60% (up to 80% for cross-linked films), with good flexibility. It can be used to package products of any shape, and specially processed three-layer coextruded films can control shrinkage force to meet the requirements of different product packaging.

The development trends of POF shrink film are as follows:

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in recent years, the environmental requirements for packaging materials are constantly rising, and the concept of sustainable packaging is becoming more prevalent. Influenced by this trend, POF shrink packaging pays more attention to reducing environmental impact, improving packaging efficiency, and reducing energy consumption. Therefore, the development trends of POF shrink film mainly focus on the following aspects:

Thinning: Further thinning based on ordinary POF shrink film to reduce the weight of POF shrink film used per unit of packaging, thereby reducing the consumption of petrochemical products (polyethylene and polypropylene) in packaging.

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