Case Study: Upgrading Packaging from Food Grade PVC Film to Anti-Fog Crosslinked Film

2024-04-07 08:34:12 Zhejiang Zhongcheng Packing Material Co., Ltd Viewd 84

Customer Background: A vegetable wholesaler specializing in products such as cauliflower, originally used food-grade PVC film for packaging.

Challenges: The PVC film had issues such as fogging, poor appearance, and environmental hazards, affecting product packaging quality and market competitiveness.

Solution: Transition to Zhejiang Zhongcheng's food-grade anti-fog crosslinked POF film, providing superior anti-fog performance and food safety assurance.

Implementation: The customer accepted the recommendation and began purchasing and using Zhongcheng's anti-fog crosslinked film, receiving relevant technical support and training.

Results and Benefits: Significant improvement in vegetable packaging quality, resolution of fogging issues, enhanced product display effect, increased market competitiveness, and improved brand image. Additionally, food safety and environmental protection were also ensured.

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