Z102 Easy to Tear Polyolefin Shrink Film

Z102 film is designed to applications for clients to tear the film easier when open the packaging of your products.

It can be easily torn along the cut direction of the pre-pasted tear free label, and the longitudinal direction can be torn into a straight line smoothly. This feature is completely unmatched by other POF heat shrinkable films. In addition to the properties of easy tearing, it has all excellent properties of sealing, shrinkage as other cross-linked film.

While improving the product packaging grade, it also shows the uniqueness of its tear free performance when opening.

Thickness: 19um

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What are the disadvantages of shrink wrapping?

While shrink wrapping has many benefits, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider. These may include increased packaging costs, difficulty in opening the package for end users, and concerns over the environmental impact of the plastic film used in the process.

What is the difference between POF and PE shrink film?

POF (polyolefin) and PE (polyethylene) shrink films are both types of plastic shrink films used in packaging, but they have some differences in their properties and applications. POF shrink film is known for its clarity and ability to conform tightly to the product being wrapped, while PE shrink film is known for its strength and puncture resistance. POF films are typically more expensive than PE films, but they are also considered to be more environmentally friendly as they do not release toxic fumes when heated. Additionally, POF films may provide better seal integrity and a higher gloss finish compared to PE films.

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