Polyolefin(POF) Shrink wrap Bag

Polyolefin (POF) shrink film bags are manufactured using high-quality raw materials, featuring a transparent appearance with various color and transparency options. With a high shrinkage rate and strong water resistance, custom anti-static film bags are available. Our products can be used for packaging a variety of products, offering different sizes and specifications.

Sizes: Our polyolefin shrink film bags come in various sizes, including 4 x 6, 6 x 10, 6 x 9, 5 x 7, and more. Custom sizes are available for orders exceeding 500 rolls.

Gauge: Choose from different widths such as 60 gauge, 75 gauge, 100 gauge, etc.

The transparency is exceptionally high, with a high shrinkage rate, excellent water resistance, and tear resistance.

Polyolefin shrink bags uses: They can be used for packaging food, industrial parts, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, gifts, stationery, and other products.

We support customization in terms of color, thickness, packaging units, and transparency, offering both OEM and ODM production.

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The applications of Polyolefin (POF) shrink film bags are diverse, primarily used for retail packaging. They can be used to package products in industrial, food, vegetable, retail, and medical bag categories.

Applications of POF shrink film bags in the food and vegetable category include:

- Packaging for agricultural products and vegetables

- Bread bags

- Transparent LDPE drawstring bags

- Flat food bags

- Food service gloves

- Ice bags

- Shrink bags for meat and cheese

- Preformed packaging bags for food sales

- Barbecue bags

- Fruit combination packaging bags

- Egg packaging bags

- Vacuum bags

- Sandwich bags

- Pizza bags, and more.

POF shrink film bags for industrial applications include:

- Transparent retail belts

- Rolled transparent retail plastic bags

- Colored high-density merchandise bags

- Rolled HDPE for packaging and transportation

- Packaging and shipping labels

- Paper shopping bags.

POF shrink film bags for medical applications include:

- Amber UV-resistant bags

- Bedside bags

- Blue refrigerated printing bags

- Medical linen and padding, and more.

Performance Parameters




Tensile Strength (MD) 拉伸强度N/mm² D882130125120115
TensileStrength (TD)125120115110
Elongation(MD) 断裂伸长率%105105110110
TEAR 撕裂强度  

MDat 400gmgf D19229.
TDat 400gm8.09.511.514.5

MD\HotWire SealN/mm F880.750.800.951.15
TD\HotWire Seal0.800.850.981.25
COF(Film To Film)-

Static 静摩擦
Dynamic 动摩擦

Haze 雾度
Clarity 透明度
Gloss@ 45Deg 光泽度

OxygenTransmission Rate 透氧率cc/㎡/day D39851450013200108007300
Water Vapor Transmission Rate 透水气率gm/㎡/dayF124952.447.535.527.5
Free Shrinkage 收缩率100℃%D273218251723

Shrink Tension 收缩张力100℃MpaD28381.652.451.752.55


1. What is POF shrink film bags?

POF shrink bags is a high-transparency and high-shrinkage plastic packaging material that can be heated to shrink-wrap products in a tight plastic shell, providing protection and aesthetic effects.

2. At what temperature does POF shrink?

POF shrink film generally needs to be heated at a temperature of 120-160°C to shrink. The specific shrink temperature depends on the type of POF shrink film and the nature of the item being packaged.

3. What is POF material used for in packaging?

POF material is commonly used to package products in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, gifts, stationery, etc. It has properties like moisture-proof, dust-proof, mold-proof, insect-proof, etc., which helps preserve the product's freshness and quality while enhancing its visual appeal and sales value.

4. What are the different types of POF shrink film?

POF shrink film mainly comes in two types: low-temperature and high-temperature, depending on the shrink temperature and shrink rate. Low-temperature POF shrink film is suitable for smaller, lighter items, while high-temperature POF shrink film is appropriate for larger, heavier products. Additionally, there are single-side adhesive and double-side adhesive POF shrink film types.

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