R&D Field

Zhongcheng has always been committed to the independent research and development of high performance and high-value products with sophisticated equipment, advanced production processes. Through self-developed and continuous innovation of core equipment, it has successfully developed and manufactured a number of POF shrink film production lines with the world's advanced technology level, and continues to research and develop new polyolefin shrinkfilms and other high value-added film products.

R&D Team

Technological Innovation

Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "winning in the lead", the company insists on self-making core equipment, and constantly makes innovations in new products and processes. It has accumulated 48 intellectual property rights, including 21 invention patents. We have developed both POF shrink film and POF cross-linked shrink film, and further developed new industrial products such as polyolefin high performance (low temperature) shrink film, polyolefin high shrinkage (cross-linked) film, ultra-low shrinkage shrink film for packaging, and ultra-thin shrink film for packaging.

  • 7000 +

    Square meter R&D center

  • 48

    Cumulative acquisition of intellectual property rights

Technological Innovation

Green Development

  • Zhejiang Zhongcheng has adhered to green development and quality manufacturing for many years, and upgrade into a circular economy demonstration enterprise

    It has been honored as a green enterprise and a leading demonstration enterprise in transformation and upgrading in Zhejiang Province. The main product, POF shrink film, is a new type of green and environment-friendly packaging material, which has gradually replaced the toxic and harmful PVC heat shrinkable film on the market, in line with the packaging concept of low-carbon and environment-friendly. The company has achieved green and energy-saving production through technology iteration, actively distributed new products, developed ultra-thin POF shrink film and PCR polyolefin heat shrinkable film conforming to EU standards, committed to the continuous research and development of degradable film, and actively participated in the national goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutralization".

  •  Honors received

    • National Green Factory
    • Zhejiang Province's transformation and Upgrading Leading demonstration Enterprise
    • Zhejiang Green Enterprise
Green Development
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