Low Temperature Polyolefin Shrink Film 60 Gauge

Low temperature polyolefin shrink film is a specialized packaging material with a low shrink initiation temperature. It is commonly referred to as 60 gauge polyolefin shrink film. This film is made from polyolefin materials and is designed to shrink at lower temperatures compared to standard shrink films, making it suitable for heat-sensitive products.

Conversion of 60 gauge into various units:

1 gauge = 0.254 μm (micrometers)

60 gauge = 15.24 μm

60 gauge = 0.01524 mm

60 gauge = 0.0006 inch

Product Details
Heat-Sensitive Products: Low temperature polyolefin shrink film is specifically designed for packaging heat-sensitive products such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food items that require lower shrink temperatures to avoid damage.

Delicate or Fragile Products: This film is ideal for packaging delicate or fragile items like glassware, ceramics, and artwork. The lower shrink temperature reduces the risk of thermal distortion or breakage.

Printed Materials: The film's low temperature shrinkability makes it suitable for packaging printed materials like brochures, magazines, and catalogs, preserving the quality and appearance of the printed content.

Retail Packaging: Low temperature polyolefin shrink film is used for retail packaging, providing a clear and visually appealing display of products while ensuring their protection.

Industrial Applications: This film is also used in various industrial applications, such as bundling and securing products for transportation, providing a protective barrier against dust, moisture, and tampering.

Performance Parameters
Low Shrink Initiation Temperature: The film has a lower shrink initiation temperature, allowing for safe and effective packaging of heat-sensitive products without compromising their integrity.

Excellent Clarity: Low temperature polyolefin shrink film offers excellent transparency, enabling clear visibility of the packaged products and enhancing their presentation.

Strong and Durable: Despite the lower gauge, the film retains strength and durability, providing reliable protection against punctures, tears, and other forms of damage.

Versatile: This film can be used with various packaging equipment, including manual, semi-automatic, and automatic machines, making it suitable for different production environments.

Environmentally Friendly: Low temperature polyolefin shrink film is typically made from recyclable materials and can be included in recycling programs, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Characteristics of Crosslinking:

Crosslinking is a process that increases the intermolecular connections in polymers, forming a three-dimensional network. The characteristics of crosslinking include:

Enhanced Strength and Durability: Crosslinked polymers possess improved mechanical properties, including increased strength and durability, making them more resistant to deformation and damage.

Thermal Stability: Crosslinked polymers exhibit improved resistance to high temperatures, maintaining their structural integrity in demanding environments.

Chemical Resistance: Crosslinked polymers demonstrate higher resistance to chemical degradation, offering protection against various corrosive substances.

Dimensional Stability: Crosslinking reduces the dimensional changes of polymers in response to temperature variations, providing enhanced dimensional stability.

Reduced Melting and Flow Behavior: Crosslinked polymers have a higher melting point and reduced flow behavior, allowing them to maintain their shape and structure under elevated temperatures.

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