Polyolefin/POF shrink film (100 gauge)

POF Shrink Film (100 gauge), produced with high quality polyolefin, thicker shrink film has better stretch ability and elasticity, stronger puncture resistance, and can effectively prevent package breakage, preventing dust and impurities from entering, and protecting the integrity of the product and the freshness of the food. We can customize the width and length according to your requirements.

 100-gauge polyolefin shrink film is stronger and more durable and can be used to wrap 30-35 lbs items or slightly heavier products, protect food, products, books, bundling packaging, industrial packaging, and consumer products from external influences.

100 gauge conversion:

1 gauge = 0.254 micron

100 gauge = 25.4 microns

100 gauge = 0.0254 mm

100 gauge = 0.001 inches

Product Details
It can be used for product packaging such as food packaging, book/book packaging, bundling packaging, industrial packaging, etc. It can also be used for direct food contact such as fruits, vegetables, and preps.
Performance Parameters


OUTSTANDING TRANSPARENCY: POF Shrink Film has excellent transparency that clearly shows the packaged items.

DURABILITY: Despite the large format, the film is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing, effectively protecting the packages from external damage.

Heat shrinkability: thanks to a special treatment, the film shrinks when heated and fits tightly to the package, providing enhanced protection.

Environmentally friendly: POF shrink film is usually made of polyolefin material, which has a low environmental impact and meets environmental requirements.

Easy to use: The film is easy to handle and package, and can be easily applied using heat shrink equipment to improve productivity.

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