12 Inch Center Fold POF Heat Shrink Film Cross-linked

Product application and specification:

Product Name: 12 inch center fold POF heat shrink film (Crosslinked)

Product Material: Polypropylene (Polyolefin)

Product characteristics: excellent heat shrink performance and wrapping effect, suitable for all kinds of commodity packaging and protection.

Scope of application: Mainly used in food packaging, commodity packaging, electronic product packaging and other fields.

Specifications: 12 inches (30 cm) center folded, thickness can be customized according to demand.

Product Details

Heating Temperature: Control the heating temperature and time when using to ensure that the film can shrink evenly.

Sealing treatment: The sealing place should be treated firmly to avoid moisture penetration.

Storage environment: It is recommended to store in a dry and ventilated environment, avoiding direct light and high temperature and humidity.

Crosslinking characteristics:

Material cross-linking: A special process is used to give the polypropylene material a cross-linking structure, which increases the strength and stability of the film.

Increased Strength: Cross-linked POF heat shrink film provides greater strength and durability and is less prone to breakage or deformation.

Shrinkage effect: The cross-linking structure makes the heat shrinkage effect more uniform and stable, ensuring the safety and neatness of the packaged goods.

Product Advantages:

1. excellent heat shrink performance: 12 inch centerfold POF heat shrink film crosslinked has excellent heat shrink performance and can tightly wrap all kinds of items.

2. Diversified applications: Suitable for food, commodities, electronic products and other areas of packaging needs, to protect the goods from damage and contamination.

3. Crosslinking Strength Improvement: Crosslinking treatment makes the film with higher strength and stability, suitable for the items requiring high strength packaging.

Performance Parameters
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