Hot Perforation Shrink Film

Zhongcheng offers thermal perforation products for all types of shrink films and soft packaging. Our thermal needle perforated films, as well as our perforated shrink films, can be used for packaging vegetables, fruits, and baked goods. The use of perforated films provides improved strength and tear resistance. The advantage of using perforated shrink films over other POF shrink films lies in accelerating the exchange of packaged food with the surrounding air, promoting freshness, and enhancing product sustainability.

We provide a variety of thermal perforation patterns, ranging from 9 pinholes/cm² up to 25 pinholes/cm². Our thermal perforated shrink films exhibit strong shrinkage capabilities, maintaining a clean and neat appearance with excellent consistency in shrinkage rate across products. Our products are highly stable, possess rigidity, and have a prolonged shelf life. In terms of operation, they can be quickly shrunk using a heat gun. As professional shrink film manufacturers, we support both OEM and ODM production. Feel free to contact us.

Product Details

Can be used for vegetables and fruits:

Bananas, cucumbers, carrots, eggplants, mangoes, kiwis, grapes, peaches, plums, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, kale, honey pomelo, red pomelo, sweet peas.

Can be used for ready-to-eat items:

Pizza, burgers, pies, french fries, Colonel's chicken pieces, fried chicken, spring rolls.

Bakery products:

Cookies, caterpillar bread, cheese bread, cookies.

Meat and fish:


Plants and flowers.

Desserts and candies.

Chemical product packaging.

Mexican tortilla film.

Pet food.

Steam vents.

Performance Parameters
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