What are the benefits of using POF as a fruit packaging film?

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POF shrink film is a new type of packaging material, more and more products are using POF packaging film, which can protect products, but also can be isolated from external air microorganisms and maintain humidity; the full name of POF is Polyolefin; it is a very thin packaging material, used in many fields, such as fruit packaging film, pizza packaging film and noodle film and other applications It is used in many applications such as fruit packaging films, pizza packaging film and noodle film.

What are the benefits of using POF for fruit packaging film?

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POF packaging film can be used in fruit packaging to achieve excellent results, as opposed to PVC or PE packaging, which can cause chemical damage to the fruit itself and harm consumers. The use of POF package film does not produce any harmful effects and can improve the high transparency and gloss, which can make the fruit show its appearance, and can improve the consumer's desire to buy, and can enhance the impact resistance of the fruit in transport. Storage is not easy to be damaged by external factors, so using POF fruit packaging film is a very good choice.

What is the role of POF fruit packaging film for transportation?

The use of POF shrink film in fruit packaging can play a very good protective role in the transportation process, inevitably encountering high temperature, high temperatures will make the fruit accelerate the ripening and decay, resulting in the final shelf life being seriously shortened, affecting the freshness and beauty of the fruit, the use of POF shrink film can keep the fruit fresh, and in the process of transportation can be heat preservation and reduce the fruit suffered from external extrusion caused by decay.

POF fruit packaging film can use printing technology

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POF fruit packaging film can also provide consumers with more information through printing technology. Printing production dates, brand logos and marketing messages on the surface of fruit packaging film can improve product recognition and aesthetics, increase product sales, and facilitate consumer choice of fruit.

Is POF shrink film recyclable?

The use of POF fruit packaging film can help protect the environment, and POF is a biodegradable material; after the end customer uses the product, you can clean the POF shrink film and then put it into the recyclable garbage can, which can greatly reduce the impact on the environment. POF can be used twice, which is beneficial to the environment and is one of the great contributions to the cause of environmental protection.


The use of POF as raw materials for fruit packaging film can play a good preservation performance of the fruit, and can prevent the fruit from external pollution and damage, and can make the fruit sale, improve transparency so that the fruit looks moister, improve the consumer's purchase rate; colleagues can be added to the exterior of the packaging material product information and brand, can improve product awareness, can bring more revenue to the product Bring more revenue, and more conducive to environmental benefits.

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