Advantages of POF Noodle Film Packaging

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Noodle film is a type of food packaging film made from POF heat shrinkable film material, which is specifically used as the packaging film for instant noodles. It has many advantages, such as improving product transparency and protecting the product from heat during transportation in hot environments. Noodle film made of POF material also has good stretching properties and permeability, and can be applied to various other applications. Specifically, there are many advantages to using noodle film made of POF packaging film:


What are the characteristics of POF noodle film?

Using POF as a raw material, noodle film has high optical transparency. The thickness of this thin film is only 20-30 microns, providing excellent light transmission. Its shrinkage performance is also very good, with strong heat shrinkability. In addition, POF heat-shrinkable film has excellent stretching properties, allowing noodle film to adapt to various shapes and sizes of instant noodles. It can completely isolate from air, and has good impact resistance.

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What are the advantages of using POF raw material for noodle film?

There are many advantages to using POF as the raw material for noodle film. For example, its high transparency can improve consumer recognition when selling instant noodles. Consumers can easily see the information on the package and increase their desire to purchase. Using such a thin film also helps protect the product during transportation and storage, preventing it from being damaged by environmental factors such as mold and rotting. Because of the excellent heat shrinkage performance of POF raw materials, noodle film can perfectly fit various shapes of instant noodles, giving them a steamy appearance. It also has excellent stretching properties and is not easily damaged if it comes into contact with sharp objects. It has good resistance to penetration and moisture, and can prevent the product from being eroded by external humidity or water, thereby extending the shelf life of the product. Therefore, using POF shrink film as noodle film has only advantages and no disadvantages.


In summary

Noodle film made of POF heat-shrinkable film has multiple advantages, such as high transparency, good shrinkage and stretching properties, good permeability and moisture resistance, and recyclability. Such a thin film is ideal for instant noodle packaging, making the product more perfect, enhancing the profitability of the enterprise, and providing consumers with fresher and more trustworthy food. These advantages make noodle film widely used in various food packaging, such as pizza packaging film, vegetable packaging, and even electronic product packaging. It can also have an anti-static effect, such as an antistatic film for derivative products.

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