What is the difference between POF shrink film and POF heat shrinkable film?

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The full name of POF is polyethylene, which is the most widely used material in the packaging industry. It is a kind of high speed packaging film that can be used for everyday things that everyone can use, generally used in food, daily chemicals, medicine, digital electronics, toys, gifts, and other fields.

So what is POF divided into?

POF is divided into POF heat shrinkable film and POF shrink film, although they are both POF heat shrinkable film, they are still very different.

What is POF heat shrinkable film?

POF heat shrinkable film is a thermoplastic packaging material made of polyethylene and other auxiliary raw materials, which has excellent physical and mechanical properties and shrinkage performance. During the packaging process, POF heat shrinkable film can quickly heat up and form bubbles when it reaches the shrinkage temperature, then quickly shrink and bond to the product surface under high temperature, thus forming a tight package.

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What is POF shrink film?

POF shrink film is also a thermoplastic packaging material made from polyethylene and other auxiliary raw materials. Unlike POF heat shrinkable film, POF shrink film is formed by stretching the film rather than by heat shrinking. Because it is formed by stretching, POF shrink film has higher tensile strength and better transparency, which provides better visual appeal.

But here's the kicker! Compared to POF heat shrinkable film, it requires a higher temperature and a longer time to complete the shrink and seal during the packaging process.

What applications are POF heat shrinkable films and POF shrink films used for?

POF heat shrinkable film is generally used for packaging in food, daily chemical, medical and other industries because it shrinks very fast and is suitable for use in automatic packaging lines. It can quickly achieve complete packaging and sealing effect.

POF shrink film is mainly used for single or small-batch packaging, it does not have the same shrink speed as POF heat shrinkable film and can be quickly attached to the product surface. However, it makes excellent retail packaging and is compatible with the product to be packaged without generating heat during the packaging process.

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Price of POF heat shrinkable film and POF shrink film

In terms of price, POF heat shrinkable film must be more expensive than POF shrink film because POF heat shrinkable film requires high-temperature processing during the manufacturing process, and then more costs have to be invested in the production process. Compared to POF shrink film, the manufacturing process is much simpler, so the price will be much cheaper.



According to the above, I give you the science, I believe that you have a clean understanding of the difference between POF heat shrinkable film and POF shrink film, for packaging lines or individual sales packaging, their characteristics are different, so we must know what their use in the procurement process, and then according to the use of the selection and procurement.

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