What is anti-fog film

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Today we would like to introduce a special material that is made from

PVC shrink film

POF shrink film, which is a relatively special kind of film called anti-fog film. This anti-fog film is usually used on the surface of transparent panels or lenses. It can reduce the phenomenon of condensation and materialization of water vapor. The advantage of this is that it prevents condensation of water vapor and can be kept clear and transparent. For example, it is used in cell phone films, doors and windows. This film is made up of multiple layers of polymer material. It can maintain stability with temperature changes.


PE film

Since anti-fog film is so wonderful and its function makes many industry problems better solved, what are the fields of application it can be used in, let's talk about it in detail.

1. automotive field: anti-fog film can be used in the front windshield, rearview mirror, side windows and other parts of the car, can effectively prevent the formation of fog because of the difference between the temperature and humidity inside and outside the car, to improve driving safety.

2. Medical field: areas such as operating rooms and laboratories require high air cleanliness, and efficient anti-fog film can reduce the possibility of water vapor condensation on the surface of instruments and equipment to ensure accuracy and safety.

3. Construction: Anti-fog film can be used in building windows and doors, nursery sheds and greenhouses to reduce the effects of moisture and dew and keep indoor air dry and translucent.

4. Sports equipment field: anti-fog film can also be applied to sports protective gear, swimming lenses, ski masks, etc. to improve the reliability and usage of sports equipment.

Manufacturing Process

The material preparation and manufacturing process of anti-fog film is divided into these steps:

1. Material selection: Select suitable polymer materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, etc., and add a certain percentage of auxiliary materials such as surfactants and plasticizers.

2. Solution preparation: Add the materials to the corresponding solvents and mix with stirring at the appropriate temperature until a homogeneous solution is formed.

3. Film preparation: The mixed solution is coated onto the transparent or semi-transparent substrate by spraying, transfer coating, etc., and after drying and curing treatment, a film layer is formed.

4. Surface treatment: Chemical or physical treatment is applied to the surface of the film layer to form a dense, smooth and transparent anti-fog layer to achieve the anti-fog effect.

What are the advantages of anti-fog film?

The performance of anti-fog film depends on several factors, such as the type of material, preparation process and environmental conditions. Generally speaking, a better anti-fog film should have the following characteristics:

1. high transparency: anti-fog film should have high transparency and not affect the visual effect of the substrate itself.

2. Durability: The anti-fog film should remain stable over a long period of time and not be susceptible to aging or failure.

3. Scratch resistance: The anti-fog film should have excellent scratch resistance to avoid surface damage that may lead to a decrease in the anti-fog effect.

4. environmental adaptability: anti-fog film should have good environmental adaptability and be able to maintain stable anti-fog effect under different temperature and humidity conditions.

5. easy cleanability: the surface of the anti-fog film should have good easy cleanability, which is convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning.


After so much talk about the advantages and characteristics of anti-fog film and its production process, I believe you must have a very basic understanding of it, so it plays an important role in many industries. With the advancement of technology and the increasing requirements of human beings in all aspects, anti-fog film can bring good reliability and safety, and this kind of material made by using POF must be very practical.  Word for word translation into English

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