Zhejiang Zhongcheng Veterans Home organized to welcome the ”August 1st" Expansion Activities

2022-08-10 10:02:07 浙江众成包装材料股份有限公司 Viewd 781

In order to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and carry forward the spirit of “August 1st”, on the morning of July 30th, 30 veterans of Zhejiang Zhongcheng Veterans Home carried out theme expansion activities in Jiashan Biyun Garden.

After a simple warm-up, the event officially began.The instructor divided the personnel into 3 teams of 10 people each, and the team members selected the captain of each team.In the subsequent activities, the members of each team, under the command of the captain, through tacit cooperation and tenacious will, broke out a strong team strength and completed the tasks assigned by the instructor.The event lasted for nearly three hours. In the fierce competition, the veterans used all their strength, division of labor and cooperation, unity and mutual assistance, and showed a disciplined, not afraid of suffering, and unconvincing military style.At the same time, the scene was wonderful, and there was no shortage of laughter and laughter.

At the end of the event, Chairman Yi Xianyun and Trade union Chairman Hang Agen extended holiday greetings to the veterans and distributed holiday souvenirs to each veteran.Pan Dexiang, the person in charge of the Veterans' Home and the deputy general manager of the company, expressed his gratitude to the company's leaders for their concern and support on behalf of all veterans of the Veterans' Home.He said that this event is of great significance to all veterans. Although many veterans have left the military camp for many years, the true nature of the soldiers has never faded, and the spirit of the soldiers has never been forgotten. Everyone will definitely bring the character and style of the generals from the military camp to their respective positions, contributing to the development of enterprises and society.

Zhejiang Zhongcheng Veterans Home was established in September 2020 and is composed of 42 veterans. They are all over the company in various positions and play an important role in the company's development.Through this event, the veterans demonstrated a positive mental outlook, gained the team spirit and quality of unity and common progress in sweat and laughter, and laid a solid foundation for better integration into the company's construction.

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