Zhejiang Zhongcheng condolences to all the officers and soldiers of Jiashan County Fire Rescue Brigade

2022-08-10 08:37:56 浙江众成包装材料股份有限公司 Viewd 1050

On the afternoon of July 29, 2022, on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Zhang Yang, chairman of the company's Supervisory Board, Pan Dexiang, deputy general Manager, and Hang Agen, chairman of the trade union, went to the Jiashan County Fire and Rescue Brigade to express condolences and sent cool and cool condolences.

During the condolences event, Hang Agen, on behalf of the company, extended his highest respect and holiday wishes to all the officers and soldiers of the county Fire and Rescue Brigade.He said that the fire and rescue brigade is the backbone of protecting the lives and property of the people and maintaining the stable development of society. It is always desperate to charge on the front line in times of distress and has made great contributions to the fire safety work of our county. This spirit is worth learning.

In the subsequent discussions and exchanges, Wu Xiaofeng, the instructor of the county Fire and Rescue Brigade, and Xu Peixin, the captain of the brigade, expressed their gratitude to the company for its support for the fire and rescue work. At the same time, they pointed out that as a key fire-fighting unit, Zhejiang Zhongcheng should regard safety as the top priority for the development of enterprises. We must attach great importance to fire safety work, increase publicity, strengthen management measures, and train a group of professionals. The county Fire and Rescue Brigade is also willing to provide assistance to enterprises.Pan Dexiang, deputy general manager, immediately said that the company has always put safety first in its development. It has special functional departments and full-time management personnel. Next, the company will strengthen exchanges and learning, work hard professionally, and hope that the county Fire and Rescue Brigade will give support and help.

Fire rescue is a strong guarantee for social development, and fire rescue officers and soldiers are loyal guards of this guarantee, and the enterprise is also an important part of the fire rescue work. This condolences event is not only an expression of the company's high respect for the fire officers and soldiers, but also a manifestation of the company's active performance of social responsibilities. The company must also work hand in hand with the fire and rescue department to build a strong fire safety barrier.

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