Zhejiang Zhongcheng Party Branch carried out activities to welcome the “July 1st” Theme Party Day

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In order to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, to further motivate the majority of party members and cadres to show new responsibilities and new actions in the new era, and to continuously learn and carry forward the spirit of the excellent revolutionary tradition, on the morning of June 19th, the Zhejiang Zhongcheng Party Branch organized a Party day event on the theme of “Serving the country with ingenuity and serving the country with heart and heart to the Party” to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Party. A gift to the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Party.Shao Xiaohua, the county party building instructor, Yi Xianyun, chairman of Zhejiang Zhongcheng, and Hang Agen, secretary of the Party branch, participated in the event with all party members of the Party branch.

Find your original intention and re-embark on a major party building path

First of all, the party branch and his party arrived at Jiaxing South Lake, followed the footsteps of a large group of representatives, all the way to the ferry, took the ferry to the island in the heart of the lake, and admired the red boat up close.The little red boat carries thousands of people. All party members feel the spirit and power of the “century-old red boat is still there today, and the revolutionary spirit is passed down from generation to generation” in the place where the fire of the Communist Party of China's revolution ignited, and feel the great connotation of the “Red boat Spirit” of “pioneering and daring to be the first, firm ideals, indomitable spirit of struggle, and dedication to the public and loyal to the people”.

Remember the history of the Party and admire the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall

After that, all party members followed the docent to visit the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall.Successively visited the theme exhibition of “The Red Ship Sets Sail” and the display of the four exhibition areas of “Survival Pictures”, “Opening the world”, “Glorious History” and "Towards Revival". Old pictures and precious cultural relics vividly show the history and process of the Communist Party of China's survival and hard work.Everyone listened carefully to the explanation, thought and asked questions from time to time, immersed in the tortuous and glorious years of the founding of the Party, and relive the magnificent and great history of the Communist Party of China.

Strong faith, relive the oath to join the party

Subsequently, all party members of the Party branch took the oath of office at the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall, wearing the party emblem and facing the party flag, reliving the oath of joining the party and reviewing the original intention of joining the Party.

Pass on the ingenuity and visit the site of the “Hongjiatan Conference” of the Songhu Local Committee of the Communist Party of China

At 13:00 in the afternoon, all party members visited the showroom and meeting site of the “Hongjiatan Conference” in Hongxi Village, Jiashan, and Chuxin Pavilion in Hongxi Village.Learn about the background and process of the Hongjiatan Conference that year, and visit the “unique” brick kiln culture of the craftsmen in Hongxi Village.

Through this theme Party Day event, all party members pursued the original intention of the founding of the Party, reviewed the history of the party for a hundred years, remembered the revolutionary martyrs, received spiritual baptism, and also made everyone receive a traditional revolutionary education and patriotism education.All Party members and cadres have expressed that they should actively respond to the Party's call, inherit and carry forward the Party's fine traditions, protect the red resources, carry forward the red traditions, and pass on the red genes. Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission, take responsibility, and welcome the Party's 20th Great Victory with excellent results!

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