What is POF material used in packaging?

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POF material is one of the most popular packaging materials available today and is made from polypropylene (Polyolefin). It can be made into POF heat shrink film and POF shrink film. This material has many benefits, such as high transparency and tear resistance, and is environmentally friendly.


What industries can POF materials be used for?

POF material through special processing technology, can produce food packaging POF heat shrinkable film and other materials, can also be used for pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, toy packaging and stationery packaging, and other products. The following is the use of these industries' POF heat shrink and POF shrink film case introduction.

1. Food packaging: POF heat shrink film can be used as raw material for bagged food, such as meat, seafood, dried fruits, vegetables, etc. It can keep the freshness and nutrients of the food and prevent bacterial contamination.

2. Pharmaceutical packaging: POF heat shrink film plays a protective role in pharmaceutical packaging, which can package a variety of drugs or medical devices, and can also effectively prevent oxidation, water evaporation, and other factors that lead to the decline in the quality of drugs.

3. cosmetic packaging: POF material can help cosmetic products to show their appearance and texture as much as possible, and has good waterproof, moisture-proof, and weather-resistant performance.

4. Toy packaging: POF heat shrink film has good transparency and flexibility in toy packaging, allowing consumers to see the products inside the package, and this material will not be harmful to children's bodies.

5. Stationery packaging: POF heat shrink film is also widely used in the stationery industry, such as pen holders, bookmarks, pen bags, and other products on packaging, with a certain degree of protection.

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So what types of POF shrink film are there?

The different types of POF shrink film lead to different industries and products they can be used in. Standard POF shrink film can generate different kinds and functions of shrink film by adding other materials, so here are 5 types of POF shrink film and POF heat shrink film.

Standard POF heat shrink film: This type of heat shrink film has good transparency and high strength, and is suitable for packaging various products, such as food, medical and pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, etc.

High shrinkage POF heat shrink film: This heat shrink film has a higher shrinkage rate than the standard type, which can reach 70-80%, and is suitable for packaging items with complex shapes, such as toys, electronic products, etc.

Anti-static POF heat shrink film: This heat shrink film is added with anti-static additives, which can effectively prevent static electricity from being generated, and is suitable for packaging electronic components and other products.

Environmentally friendly POF heat shrink film: This heat shrink film is made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, tasteless, and degradable, which meets the requirements of environmental protection and is suitable for packaging organic vegetables, fruit, and other organic food.

Soft POF heat shrink film: this heat shrink film is better than the standard type of softness, suitable for packaging products that need to be folded or deformed, such as clothing, toys, etc.


POF material is widely used in the packaging industry, and POF material not only has the role of high transparency, strong and durable. It can also be processed to get a better shrinkage rate and can have additional features, such as an anti-static function, it can be used in the packaging of electronic components, environmentally friendly POF packaging film, it can be used for food or direct contact with food products, you buyers can select the right POF shrink film according to the needs of their products.

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