Understanding Food Packaging Film and its Environmental Impact

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What is food packaging film?

Food packaging film is a material used specifically to package food, vegetables, fruits, as well as semi-finished and pre-cooked foods such as pizzas. It typically comes in the form of plastic or paper. The most commonly used type is plastic food packaging film, often in the form of POF shrink film. This type of film has many advantages, such as being lightweight, waterproof, tear-resistant, and providing preservation benefits. It can be produced into various shapes and sizes of packaging films, including printed films that can display product information for promotion.

What are edible films in food packaging?

In recent years, with increased attention on health and environmental concerns, more and more consumers have become focused on food quality and safety. Food packaging, as an important component in protecting food, has also received greater attention. In this context, food packaging films made from materials such as paper and plastic have gradually gained widespread use, and new environmentally-friendly food packaging materials continue to be developed.

POF shrink film is a popular type of food packaging film

Two popular types of shrink films in the market are PVC shrink film and POF shrink film. However, the most popular one is actually the POF shrink film. This material has high-quality shrinkage properties, is safe and hygienic, and favored by many people. This is because this thin film has excellent transparency and high strength, and is tear-resistant and heat-resistant. It can also come into direct contact with food without producing any harmful substances.

Why is POF recyclable shrink film beneficial for the environment?

Many people are concerned about whether POF shrink film is recyclable. Those who understand the material know that POF shrink film is not completely biodegradable. Therefore, after years of development, the production process and raw materials of POF have greatly improved. For example, biodegradable materials can now be used, and waste film materials can be recycled.

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Although food packaging films provide great help in preserving and ensuring the safety of food, they also face certain problems and challenges. The most significant issue is their impact on the environment. Traditional plastic film materials cannot be naturally decomposed and can cause pollution to the environment, potentially harming human health. In response to these issues, more and more manufacturers are using environmentally-friendly POF food packaging materials. There are also many POF food packaging film manufacturers available for selection.

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