What is POF shrink film material?

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POF shrink film is a shrinkable packaging material that is characterized by its ability to be heat shrunk. It is one of the most widely used polypropylene, a polymeric material, among advanced materials. With its world-renowned physical properties and chemical stability, it can shrink quickly at high temperatures and can be used for a variety of shapes. This material has many advantages and a wide range of applications, so let's go over what you need to know about POF shrink film.


POF shrink film components

POF shrink film consists of three parts: substrate, processing aids, and additives. The substrate is the main body and raw material of POF shrink film, and the main body is often the keyword that determines the quality of this shrink film. The monomer used is butyl polypropylene. Next, processing aids need to be added, which as the need to add antistatic agents as well as talc, which have very powerful functions, such as improving the film's tensile properties and surface flatness. And can enhance the usefulness of the film, and can be used for electronic product packaging, improving its heat resistance and other aspects.

What are the advantages of POF shrink film:

POF shrink film has very many advantages, such as the use of other shrink films, which require relatively high temperatures to be able to shrink. POF shrink film has good transparency and gloss, and its relative shrinkage temperature is very low, so it does not damage the product being d. POF shrink film has good transport properties because it has very high abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and puncture resistance, which can protect the package very well. It is therefore ideal for use as a packaging film.

PVC shrink film

Where can POF shrink film be used?

POF shrink film is made of polypropylene, which can be used in different industries, such as food packaging, POF shrink film can be used for food, pre-packaged products, instant noodles, canned goods, and dairy products to protect the hygiene of the product, and the product itself. And POF shrink film has a broader scope of use. So I highly recommend it!


POF shrink film uses polypropylene as the raw material, so it can make shrink film has a lot of advantages and benefits, so in the product production activities. The use of POF shrink film can meet the needs of major industries for packaging. With its unique and excellent physical and chemical properties, it can enhance people's demand for product quality and hygiene, I believe POF shrink film will be more widely used in the future.

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