How to Properly Use POF Shrink Film for Packaging

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Polyolefin is a widely used material in the packaging industry. It is transparent, durable, provides excellent protection for products, and is environmentally friendly, enhancing the visual appeal of packaging. Today, we will introduce how to use polyolefin for packaging, providing detailed step-by-step instructions from preparation to shrinkage.


What is Polyolefin Shrink Film?

Polyolefin shrink film is a special material synthesized from polypropylene and polyethylene. It has excellent characteristics such as high transparency and flexibility. It is highly suitable for packaging fruits, food, and can increase the sales rate of food products. That's why more and more companies and businesses are using POF shrink film.

What tools are needed for preparation?

Before using POF heat shrink film, it is necessary to determine the size and requirements of the goods to be packaged and select the appropriate shrink film specifications accordingly. Only by choosing the correct shrink film size and thickness can proper packaging be achieved. Additionally, tools such as a sealing machine and heat gun need to be prepared.


What preparations need to be made before using POF shrink film?

Clean and treat the surface of the product to ensure it is free from dust and other impurities. Measure and cut the polyolefin shrink film to the appropriate size, leaving sufficient excess to cover the entire item.

Sealing and Shrinking

Once everything is prepared, the next step is to seal the polyolefin shrink film using a sealing machine or heat gun. The goal is to ensure a uniform and tight fit. If wrinkles are present, adjust the airflow temperature and intensity accordingly.



Trim the excess shrink film. After the shrink film has completely cooled, use cutting tools to remove the excess, maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing packaging. This step is crucial, as cutting too much excess film results in wastage. Remember to add relevant labeling information on the package.

Avoiding high-temperature burns

When using a sealing machine or heat gun, contact with high temperatures is inevitable. These temperatures are too high for normal human tolerance, so it is important to avoid direct contact to prevent burns. Wear heat-resistant gloves before use. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation to prevent smoke and odors, promoting air circulation. Always choose sealing machines and heat guns with appropriate certifications (such as the 3C mark) and follow the correct operating instructions.

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I have provided the correct method for using POF shrink film. By following my instructions, you can achieve the best packaging results for your products. Pay attention to the mentioned safety precautions to ensure a safe shrinkage and packaging process and avoid any undesirable consequences.

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