How Long Does Shrink Film Last?

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Shrink film has an expiration date, with the passage of time, the sealing will be affected, when the shrink film after packaging and complete the shrinkage process. His expiration date can begin to calculate, generally speaking is the beginning of the first year of use, because with the passage of time, some film color will slowly start from the transparent color or white into yellow, if you see the gradual transformation into yellow, then this is in the winding process of stagnant air with the passage of time and the escape of the results.

 Polyolefin shrink film

What are the reasons that affect the expiration date of shrink film?

The expiration date of shrink film is very much related to the environment, if stored for a long time under these conditions, very hot or cold can lead to problems with shrink and stretch film, high heat leads to further shrinkage of the film. Prolonged storage in very hot environments can lead to serious problems such as melting and sticking of the packaged product.

In very cold environments, this can lead to film rupture. And more dust accumulates on the surface.

All of the above causes can lead to film rupture when left in a prolonged period of time.

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How to store shrink film correctly?

Proper storage of shrink and stretch films includes storing them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Care should also be taken to avoid contact with sharp objects that could damage the surface of the film. It is best to store them in their original packaging or sealed in clear plastic containers to avoid dust and contamination.


The storage methods of shrink film in summer are as follows:

1. Avoid direct sunlight: Store the shrink film in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight to prevent the shrink film from deformation or aging due to high temperature.

2. dry and ventilated: keep the shrink film dry during storage, you can use a moisture-proof box or desiccant for storage, while maintaining ventilation to prevent moisture breeding.

3. away from sources of ignition: storage should be away from sources of ignition or flammable materials, to avoid the shrink film is baked by the heat source, so as not to affect its performance.

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Winter shrink film storage methods are as follows:

1. anti-freezing insulation: when storing shrink film in winter, to avoid being subjected to low-temperature freezing, you can choose to store it in a warm and dry place indoors, or use insulation materials for protection.

2. moisture-proof and humidity-proof: winter is prone to humidity, so storage should pay special attention to moisture-proof and humidity-proof, can be placed around the shrink film desiccant or moisture-proof box.

3. Pay attention to anticorrosion: low temperature in winter, shrink film is easy to moisture mold, so pay attention to anticorrosion and mildew, you can strengthen the ventilation in the storage place, keep dry.



Few people will pay attention to the service life of the shrink film, but it should be stored correctly, otherwise when you need to use, it will lead to the shrink film can not be used properly, in general, the best environment for the storage of the shrink film should be Shady and protected from light, the room temperature is less than 35 degrees Celsius, and humidity does not exceed 50%.

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