Advantages Of Using Low Temperature Polyolefin Shrink Film

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Low temperature polyolefin shrink film has become widely popular and rapidly adopted in the market. Decades ago, the idea of completing packaging work at low temperatures was merely a dream. With the invention of this shrink film and continuous innovation in resin formulations, what used to require packaging at 150°C can now be achieved with low-temperature polyolefin shrink film at around 65 degrees Celsius, depending on the packaging machine.

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Why choose it?

For thermal-sensitive products like chocolate, aromatherapy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, candles, and ice cream, traditional shrink films required a high shrinkage temperature of 150 degrees Celsius in less than 3 seconds, potentially damaging products. Here are three reasons to choose low-temperature polyolefin shrink film:


1. Improved production efficiency:

Using low temperature shrink film results in faster product shrinkage, reducing production time and increasing speed. Whether using shrink machines or heat guns, production speed can be significantly enhanced, lowering costs and speeding up conveyor belt speeds.

Time is money, and choosing low-temperature shrink film means "earning more money" for your products.


2. Direct contact with food:

All polyolefin shrink films, including low-temperature polyolefin shrink film, are FDA-approved for direct contact with food. This ensures safety, and there is no need to worry about its impact on food products.

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How to use low-temperature polyolefin heat shrink packaging?

Low-temperature polyolefin heat shrink packaging can be used following these steps: Ensure product cleanliness and intact packaging. Place the product in the packaging film, leaving adequate space. Use a heat gun or immerse in hot water for heating, with the temperature below the material's deformation temperature. The packaging will tightly shrink during heating, conforming to the product surface, providing high-quality protection and appearance.

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