Centerfold Shrink Film, Single Wound Shrink Film, and Shrink Tubing: Their Differences

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In the packaging industry, shrink film and shrink tubing are common materials used for product protection, packaging, and enhancement. This article will provide detailed explanations of Centerfold shrink film, Single wound shrink film, and Shrink tubing, highlighting their distinctions and shrink sealing methods.


Centerfold Shrink Film

Centerfold shrink film is a wide film folded in the middle to form two layers. Products are placed between the layers and heated using a heat shrink machine, tightly wrapping the product. This type of shrink film is ideal for automated or semiautomated packaging processes, commonly used for packaging books, boxed goods, software, etc.



 Automationfriendly packaging

 Efficient and quick

 Suitable for largescale packaging


Single Wound Shrink Film

Compared to centerfold shrink film, single wound shrink film is a singlelayer film provided in rolls. Products are placed on the film and then manually or mechanically wrapped and sealed. This shrink film is suitable for packaging products with irregular shapes or sizes, commonly used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic packaging.



 High flexibility

 Suitable for irregularly shaped products

 Manual or mechanical operation


Shrink Tubing

Shrink tubing is a tubular shrink film where products pass through the tube and are tightly sealed by heating. It is suitable for packaging long or tubular products such as wires, cables, rods, etc. Shrink tubing provides good sealing and protection, waterproofing, and dustproofing.



 Suitable for long or tubular items

 Offers good sealing and protection

 Waterproof and dustproof


Shrink Sealing Methods

 Centerfold and Single Wound Shrink Film: Typically heated and shrunk using a heat shrink machine or heat gun, sealed with a sealing machine.

 Shrink Tubing: Usually heated along the length using a heat gun, tightly wrapping the product.


In conclusion

Centerfold shrink film, Single wound shrink film, and Shrink tubing each have their advantages, drawbacks, and specific applications. Choosing the right type of shrink film can enhance product packaging aesthetics, durability, and efficiency. When selecting shrink film, factors such as product shape, size, and packaging requirements should be considered to choose the most suitable material and shrink sealing method.

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