Solution for Weak Seal After Packaging with POF Film and Surface Wrinkling of POF Film After Packaging

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1. Solution for Weak Seal After Packaging with POF Film

The issue of weak seal after packaging with POF film may stem from various factors, such as improper sealing temperature, excessive sealing speed, or poor quality of the film material. To address this problem, several steps can be taken.

Firstly, adjust the temperature of the sealing machine to ensure it falls within the appropriate range, thus guaranteeing a strong seal. Additionally, reducing the sealing speed allows the film material sufficient time to melt, which improves the quality of the seal.

Moreover, selecting POF film materials from reputable and well-established companies is crucial. These materials not only directly enhance the strength of the seal but also offer higher equipment stability.

By implementing these measures comprehensively, it's possible to effectively resolve the issue of weak seals after packaging with POF film, thereby enhancing packaging effectiveness and product quality.

2. Surface Wrinkling of POF Film After Packaging

Surface wrinkling of POF film after heat shrink packaging is a common issue. To address this problem, the following measures can be taken:

Optimize the temperature setting of the heat shrink oven, typically between 145-155°C.

Adjust the conveyor speed and airflow direction of the heat shrink oven to ensure sufficient air expansion of the POF film.

Check if there are too many exhaust holes leading to rapid exhaust.

Additionally, selecting high-quality POF film is crucial to resolving wrinkling issues. High-quality film materials possess better shrinkage performance and overall characteristics, which can reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and other adverse phenomena, thereby ensuring a more stable and efficient production and packaging process.

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