Application and Storage of POF Shrink Film

2024-05-10 15:07:02 Zhejiang Zhongcheng Packing Material Co., Ltd Viewd 15
POF shrink film can be used for insulation packaging of appliances, electronic components (such as outer packaging of dry batteries), general goods packaging, and food contact packaging, among others. Using it as a packaging material not only simplifies the packaging process and reduces packaging volume but also, due to the tight wrapping of the shrink transparent film, clearly displays the color and shape of the packaged items.
It can also be used for outer packaging of vegetables, fruits, fresh foods, frozen foods, beverages, etc., effectively preventing dust, contamination, theft, and loosening, visually displaying product effects, and enhancing product grade.
Firstly, POF shrink film should not come into contact with sharp objects because sharp objects can easily scratch the shrink film, affecting its usability and causing certain quality losses. Therefore, when using it, we need to avoid contact with these objects.
Secondly, regarding storage conditions, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight as this will shorten its lifespan and accelerate aging. Instead, it should be stored in a cool place with good ventilation conditions, which is very beneficial for extending its lifespan.
Lastly, proper compression and fixation can compact the product into a space-saving whole, preventing product displacement during transportation and effectively protecting the product.
Above are the relevant details regarding the "Application and Storage of POF Shrink Film".
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